Podcast 121 – Menoth Megasode!

Yet again, Nick and I sat down for 4 hours to discuss a Faction… this time we dragged Darrell and his Menoth loving butt into the ‘cast as well!

Got four hours to listen to a sermon all about the God of Man? I mean, since the alternative is being burned to a crisp, I’d vote “Yes”, but it is your choice after all…

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Podcast 120 – Retribution Discussion!

Sorry for the delay due to my computer/software sucking last week… but your patience has been rewarded!

It’s a doozy, folks. Another 5 hours, talking about all the pointy eared genocidal maniacs. ALL of them. For five consecutive hours!

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Do let us know what we got wrong! Menoth is coming up next week! Because, obviously, spending over 10 hours recording and editing a podcast in a week is a totally reasonable thing for me to do! ^_^

(We really are going to try and keep them under 4 hours from now on… this is getting a little ridiculous!)

Podcast 120 – Retribution of Scyrah Review, Slightly Delayed

Hey folks! Good news, bad news… good news is that Nick and I spent 4 hours today recording a complete Retribroken of Scyrah review, just like we did for Cygnar! Yay!


Bad news is that my recording software decided that it was simply TOO AWESOME to ever be released, and completely crapped out without any indication. Since this is the 2nd podcast we’ve lost in 4 attempts, old software is gone and I’m going to be using some new program from now on. Or programme. Whichever.
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Podcast 119 – Cygnar in Mk3, Full Analysis (FOUR HOURS!)

So, let me outline my Sunday for you: Wake up at 7:50, crawl to my computer, call Nick and Skype for four hours to record our podcast…

And then from 2pm until 7:30, I edited that podcast we recorded! And now you awesome people can listen to the fruit of my entire Sunday worth of labour! Do let us know what ya think!

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Combo Smite Mk3 – The First 15min Of Awesome!

Well, for those of you who missed my announcement earlier, only the first 15 minutes of the new podcast actually recorded. Which is a damn shame, because it really was a great episode!

Still! Give a listen to our new opening, and the first 15 minutes of a great podcast! And a FULL podcast next week!

We’re Here! We’re Reading! It’s Yay!

Okay, so just a quick update: the Combo Smite team is currently trying to absorb the new rules and models and all the joy as quickly as we can (Nick, I believe, is already done, that super-keener, but I’ve only gotten to Page 60).

We’re also talking about switching up the Combo Smite “release” day… we might switch to Wednesdays or Thursdays, we might not, it’s hard to say. But all things will be figured out soon, and a brand new episode will be out soon and then we’ll be back on a regular schedule!


Combo Smite Delayed until Mk3!

Hey gentle listeners and awesome readers! As many of you have doubtless suspected, Combo Smite is going on temporary hiatus until the Mk3 rules hit. We discussed doing more spoiler-casts, or doing a few more Mk2.5 batreps, but the fact of the matter is that we’re all so excited about the new rule set it’s gotten kinda hard to focus on anything else!

(Credit to Britton Starr from the Cygnar Facebook group for the image)

Anyway, the new rules drop in only 8 days (but who’s counting?), and we’ll be back then with an all-new Combo Smite Mk3! It’ll be awesome! Until then, thanks for sticking with us during the downtime, and if anyone wants to share what they’re most excited about in the comments, I’ll be sure to read ’em all and respond!

(For me? I’m really torn about going back to Cygnar for Mk3 or not… tempting! Oh, so tempting…)

Happy Long Weekend, Everyone!

Combo Smite is busy barbecuing, marshmellowing, and (in proper geek tradition) playing board games all weekend, including today.

Tonnes of spoilers to discuss for next week, maybe a game if Nick is feeling up to recording one, and more streaming content to come!

Here’s to summer!

Podcast 117 – Nothing To Do With Last Week’s Batrep, But Lots of Ret and Trolls!

Hello, gentlebeings! Nick, Darrell, and I sat around our respective microphones and recorded another hour of gleeful gushing about the upcoming Mk3… mostly focusing on Retribution (spoiler: Nick is super excited) and Trolls (spoiler: so is Darrell).


You can listen for yourself… right here! Talk about convenience…

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